The Block-Based Themes Course

WordPress Themes are changing!

And together we’ll make sure that your skills change along with WordPress.

On 2 April 2020, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg opened the WPBlockTalk conference.

During this talk, Matt gave an update on the roadmap for Gutenberg. The project is getting closer to the next phase, which is full-site editing.

You can see the recording of Matt’s presentation, and a demo of the current full-site editing experience on the video below.

With this full-site editing experience, WordPress themes will need to change. Gone are the days of PHP templates, options screens, and other configuration screens.

The WordPress themes of the future will be made up entirely of Gutenberg blocks.

This course will teach you all the necessary skills to design and develop such block-based themes.

Block-Based Theme Development Course

Create beautiful themes for the Full-Site Editing mode.

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